2018 twilhiuw

architecture in photography

As graduate and student of the school of architecture, i walk with a keen eye for detail and pass it through my glass eye.

I hunt for fragile nature of earthly beings and vessels that become home to humanity’s everyday existence, be it the body of flesh in relation to the soul that resides within or the architecture that makes stage for the souls that reside within the body. Life itself, taking place right before our eyes – what a time to be alive.

It is this essence that remains so elusive within these spaces that drives the passion to explore – and through that comes photography.

A photography meticulous on detail, one that inspires emotions, is specially aware and present.

The work I produce, be it portraiture or architectural photography, ultimately finds council with its intended audience to connect on a level of individual understanding. The work I produce is art in nature.

I’m Khu.

Allow me to show you my perspective.

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e-mail: photography@twilhuw.com